’tis the season to change (Part 1)

New Years resolutionI am such a procrastinator that I thought if I start writing about my New Year’s resolutions early, I might actually finish this post just in time before December 31st. Let’s see how I manage, shall we?

It’s Monday evening, and 45 minutes ago I posted a picture on my Instagram announcing that I am working on a new post in order to beat my laziness and a lack of inspiration. 30 minutes have passed, and I have achieved nothing. Zero. Not even a sentence. I did look up a few blogs, pics on Pinterest, wireless headphones on Amazon, liked a few posts on Facebook and even somehow ended up almost buying a self-help book of an unknown author. I think I shall rename my blog to Procrastination in Progress. Catchy enough? Continue reading “’tis the season to change (Part 1)” »


writers blockHow do you get back to writing when you haven’t typed a single sentence in 5 months (emails and papers for school don’t count)?

How do you get back to writing after you lived in one set of expectations that left suddenly without your consent with the most beautiful sunrise?

How do you get your inspiration back without the aid of foreign stimulants?

How do you? Continue reading “Back.” »

A Promise to Myself

IMG_0127little too much
Recently someone asked me how long I’ve been blogging and I couldn’t tell exactly, but for probably since I started my relationship with the Internet. God, I feel old. Do you remember when you didn’t have Internet? Or those dial-up modems making that squeaky sound while blocking your phone line? That’s it, I am changing my name to Olga Dinosaur. No one can pronounce my last name anyway. Continue reading “A Promise to Myself” »

Honest Review of Honest Beauty

honest beauty review
I normally do not write make up reviews, but I wanted to share my recent experience with Honest Beauty because when I tried to order from their website for the first time there were not that many reviews which I thought was surprising. It is a beauty line by Jessica Alba’s HONEST Company and it is relatively new. I think I saw the ad for their free trial on Instagram and since I needed a new SPF and a moisturizer I decided to order it. Here is an honest review of the HONEST Beauty products: Continue reading “Honest Review of Honest Beauty” »

Key West Diaries

This post took me forever to write because all my rough drafts would either magically disappear from my computer or I just erased them myself by clicking the wrong button. I think it’s the Universe trying to make me stick to my resolution – write as if no one is reading. Lately I feel like most of my posts have a very college essay tint, so I am trying out something new – tell a story as if I was telling it to a friend. Here is one about the island of Key West, where the water is a shade darker than the sky, Cuba is only 80 miles away, and chickens are regular pedestrians on the narrow streets. Continue reading “Key West Diaries” »

The Art of Staycation

littletoomuch hotel staycation copy

I read an article while looking for tickets to New Orleans for my spring break about travelling as a sign of not dealing with your problems. I thought: “Excuse me, planning a getaway is not a sign of depression, it is a way to avoid one! Who writes these things?” Along with over-travelling, there also was overeating and pretty much over overindulging in any activities. I started thinking about my experiences, and, interestingly enough, I realized that in the past I booked most of my spontaneous trips during the stress peaks as a way to look forward to something good and, well, escape. As much as I love travelling, taking a week off in the middle of a very busy time was simply not smart. So I decided to stay and face my problems instead of running away to a different city (like I always do). Continue reading “The Art of Staycation” »

Parisian day in Chicago

Just a couple of days ago the weather was so nice that you could watch people dropping layers of heavy clothes to the ground while walking the streets of Chicago. This reminded me that verrrrry soon I will be able to wear light spring dresses and expose my bare legs to the sunlight. I can’t wait for my freckles to come back too! Anyway, the whole day of warmth not only put me in an amazing mood, it also made me feel high on this romantic scent floating in the air when the thermometer starts climbing up. A cliche vocabulary in my head connects the word “romance” to the word “Paris” instantly, but since I am currently in Chicago I decided to find my own Paris in this beautiful culturally diverse city. So here is what you should do when you are in the Parisian mood while in Chicago. Continue reading “Parisian day in Chicago” »